About Carl, Rick "Parker" of HOM


Carl Thomas is a Huntsville area native and has been a frequent music performer here for many years. He is an Alabama and Tennessee Realtor, but his heart has always been in the music. As a songwriter, it has always been hard in this area to find ways to share and nurture that gift, so his goal has always been to create those opportunities for the local originality to be displayed for all to see. Huntsville has incredible original talent, and Carl wants to create a way for the world to find that talent. This is his motivation with HOM.

Rick "Parker" Dieffenbach moved here in 2014 from Florida in large part because of the active music culture in Huntsville. A retired Naval Officer and a retired web developer and a now just a tired old guy who loves contributing his simple and humble web talents to the local music community. Parker writes songs to keep mentally active and sometimes dabbles in open mics. So far, there have been no reported emergency room visits as a result of his performing at an open mic.

Rick and Carl created the website HuntsvilleMusic.com in 2016 and ran it for 4 years. It is now under the care and feeding of the Huntsville's Office of Music. We created HuntsvilleOriginalMusic.com (HOM) to further local original music.