Songwriters, Musicians FAQs

We'd love to feature your original songs! What you need to know.

1. Why this website?

To celebrate original music in and around Huntsville, Alabama.

2. What if the song was written by a local songwriter, but performed by someone else?

First, congrats! Second, you're cool. This website is focused on Huntsville area songwriters. If your song is picked up elsewhere it can still go on our site.  We do ask that you get permission from that performer. 

3. Are there costs? Must songs be originals?

Nope. Yup.

4. Pros or amateurs?


5. Any songs not allowed?

If you'd play it for grandma, it's probably ok. But we have final say. Some grandmas are pretty gritty!

6. How many songs can you have?

As there are stars in the sky. But we have final say. THERE IS A 3 SONG MINIMUM. (Exceptions can be made).

7. What song formats?

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • MP3 (file uploaded to this site)
  • MP3 (remote address to file, e.g.,

Note that 'Concerts' require a video format

If you use a different online service, contact us and we will try to accommodate. Links to your songs off site (for example, your website) can't be used because we want listeners to have an easy time listening! However you can have link(s) for more information about yourself, events calendar etc. 

8. How to put your original songs on

Go here.

9. How to advertise your business on this website.

We don't do advertisements. We will, however, accept checks of $1M or more. We may, at our option, showcase an original music event as an article, not an ad.

10. I want to help out - maybe write an article or provide an interview etc.

Great! Get in touch, we'd love to hear the plan. If it promotes original music, we're interested.

11. How are 'Todays Featured Songwriters' chosen?

Good morning, Dave. For those who don't get this ancient movie reference, the computer randomly chooses 5 or 6 songwriters each day from the total available unless it chooses not to.

12. What's your relationship with

None except a common goal of promoting music in Huntsville. Oh, by the way, we conceived, built and ran the original site for almost 4 years starting 2016. We also ran several online shows featuring area original music performers during the great lockdown of 2020.

13. Where can I get a logo as cool as yours for my own website?

Taylor Burton Creative is a Huntsville based professional graphic design firm. They listened to our desires and goals, then created the wonderful logo AND cool header background you see atop each page. And oh yeah... the owner, Taylor Burton, is a Huntsville based singer-songwriter and a member of the group Silver Silos!


15. Who is "We"?

Carl Thomas is an area musician and real estate agent extraordinaire. Rick "Parker" Dieffenbach appreciates the music scene here. Read more about The Adventures of Carl and Rick.