Privacy Policy


1. For the public

You know you've been over indulging for a long time now. That's why you can "pinch an inch". To help you loose the excess, we've programmed no capability for to dish out cookies. Only fresh green veggies in the form of original songs and information on songwriters and open mics.

2. For songwriters listed on our site.

The admin section where you add and manage your information does use cookies. That's right, we are watching you very closely! Actually, we use only cookies when needed for the functionality to allow you to manage your information and to keep track of who's in admin/when and doing what.

3. How about the hosting?

We use, as do 99.9999% of all websites, commercial hosting for this website.  And like those other websites, the hoster logs information like pages used, images called, links clicked etc and the ip address it sees you are from.  While we like exploring how the site is used, we have no interest in your ip address.