All Songs written by Rick Dieffenbach; performed by Rick except as noted.

My Old Guitar (2024)
Music has been a part of my life since a young age. Until it wasn't. Two decades later, it was again. And now it remains. Lead guitar: Vanja G of FiveRR.
Three (a Family) (2024)
A song about what happens to a couple when they have their first child. Lead voc: Tim Patterson with Elenaravelli81. Clarinet Manueltrabucco. All of FiveRR. Everything else me.
Forevermore (2024)
Elenaravelli81 provides her amazing vocals and Luca Longini adds his amazing piano. It's a song about being connected to your closest love now and forever.
Children One Time (2024 - recorded)
I wrote the core of this song in the early 80's. It was inspired by my boys. Elenaravelli81 of FiveRR provides incredible vocals.
My Burning Heart (2024)
Gabriel Cafa of FiveRR provides the passionate lead vocal for this song. Esteban Rotunno of FiveRR on drums. All else me. A song about a burning love. (The good kind....)
The Ballad of January 6 (aka Just Another Day) (2023)
Includes vocals by Nick R and beautiful harmonies by Elenaravelli81, a sax solo by manueltrabucco both of Fivrr. Piano Luca Longoni also of Fivrr.com. Song is about the sadness and tragedy of January 6, 2021. At one level it's about the brutality towards police, especially the death of Brian Sicknick. But it's also about the sadness and grieving I and so many others felt because our nation was attacked from within.
Happiness Engineer (2023)
Female background vocals Elenaravelli81, sax manueltrabucco
Avery (2023)
Fiddle: Shimna. Vocals: Tim Patterson, Elenaravelli81. All else me. I just love the name "Avery". Feels almost western.
I Love Guns (2023)
Think 'Mel Brooks'. Female vocals Elenaravelli81, sax manueltrabucco.. male vocals Tim Patterson, piano Luca Longoni all of FiveRR.com.
As It Turns Out (2022)
Background singer elenaravelli81. The older I get, the more I back and see my life as chapters and actors. Chapters have a start, middle and end. Actors come and go, some are in multile chapters, some only brief guest appearances. The chapter I am in now is both a happy one and a bit of a lonely one. But I am living a day at a time and appreciating each day more than I did when I was younger. As it turns out...
You and I (written 2011, recorded 2023)
Vocals: Tim Patterson, female vocals, Elena, pianp Luca Longini
Tra La La (2023)
The Beatles have Ob La Dee Ob La Da, and my song is Tra La La. Both paint a picture of a version of life. Female vocals Elenaravelli81, sax manueltrabucco. All else me.
Abandoned Parent (2021)
My song about the *millions* of parents in the US who are abandoned by their adult children... cutting aging parents off from affection and communication. Tossing them in the trash. There are many parents who deserve this, but there are many more that don't. It's like a knife in one's heart. The pain never ends. And there is nothing one can do about it.
Fine Fine Day (2022)
When I first met my future wife, we were both 13 years old. She was the most beautful soul I had ever met. It was a joyful day. So joyful. This song is how I felt. Then and for all time. I am saddened she is gone, but the joy of her presense in my life lives on. Clarinet: Fishsaw, Lead vocals: Tim Patterson.
Santa Rocks (2021 - written 2011)
Vocals: Tim Patterson, Lead Guitar Alinilie
Reels of Worn Out Movies (2022 - written 2014)
beautiful vocals by Elenaravelli81. Piano Longoni. "Reels of worn out Movies, turning slowly in my head" refers to fading memories of people and times past, and how we rerun those memories over the years to hold onto those we've lost.
Beautiful (2021)
Vocals: Tim Patterson. There is an actress I feel is so warm and kind and beautiful that I wrote this song. Who is it? I won't say. Piano Luca Longoni
To Much Stupid in His Head (2021)
Vocals: Tim Patterson
You (2015)
A story about a friend who helps you when you need help.
Won't Let You Down (2015)
Letting a friend know...
The Last Goodbye (2018)
Ever been in a toxic relationship? When it was over did you get down on your hands and knees and thank God for that Last Goodbye?
Sallie (2022)
Vocals: Tim Patterson. Git pick'n: Bartdietvorst from FiveRR
One at a Time (2022)
Vocals: elenaravelli81
Love of My Life (written 2011, recorded 2022)
Vocals Tim Patterson and Elenaravelli81, both of Fivrr. Also: guitar StudioAmando.
Love (2021)
Vocals: Tim Patterson, Lead Guitar Alinilie
You and Me (2011)
'You and me' written by me but brilliantly performed vocally and musically by "Stickboy".
Christmas 1964 (2021 - written 2012, about Christmas 1964. The best Christmas ever!)
If there is one Christmas in my life that stands out, it is 1964. I was 9 years old. My family was all alive, and we had the most memorable Christmas. So much joy. A lot went downhill after that, but that Christmas day stand out in my mind. Vocals: Tim Patterson
Dream a Happy Dream (Lullaby) (2022 - written 2011)
Vocals: elenaravelli81, Piano Luca Longoni available on FiveRR.com.
Music's a Part of You (Philosophie's song) (2022)
Beautiful granddaughter
Narcissist (2018)
Those who have had a relationship with a narcissist will understand just about every word in this song. I needed no research to write this song, I lived it for a time.
Great Apple Pie (2021 - written 2012)
A story about a waitress. Vocals: Tim Patterson
Liza Jayne (2014)
Mary's younger sister...
Friends (1981-2016)
Written in 1981, but has undergone many versions since then. This is the latest. About my soulmate, Kathie.
Oh So Lovely (2021)
Piano Luca Longoni; Vocals by Tim Patterson. The story of my life with Kathie, who I met at 13, again at 16, married at 33 and had a wonderful 25 year marriage before loosing her. I never wanted to forget our story, so I committed it to song.
Camping Holiday (2011)
Love camping? I do....
Livin' on the Run (2022)
So F$#%$ Tired (2022)
Rock'n guitar solo by 'studioarmadillo' from Fiverr.com.
Guns, Guns, Guns (2011)
I 'carry'. But the things some people say about guns... yikes...
Hope in this Hopeless Night (2013)
Lyrics inspired by a poem written by J.F.
Ordinary Man (2013)
Life has unexpected twists and turns. And sometimes, life sneaks up behind you and unexpectively gives you a swift kick with size 15 boots up your butt.
Sarah Jones (2021 - written 2010)
Vocals Tim Patterson
Lovely Face (2021 - written 2010)
My attempt at an old-timely country song. Vocals: Tim Patterson, Lead Guitar Alinilie
Rocken (2021 - written 2014)
About a musically talented Georgia girl. Lead guitar Alinilie
2025 (2022)
Trumpet: FrankTrumpet (Fivrr), synth trumpets: Rick
Grey Skies (2021 - written 2012)
Fighting back against sadness and loss. Vocals: Tim Patterson
I Love Birds (2010)
Co-written by Kathie Dieffenbach - much of the lyrics
Old Fashioned Songs (2021)
Multi-decade (1940s-1980s) parody of music styles. Vocals: Tim Patterson, Lead Guitar Alinilie, Piano Luca Longoni;
Fiddle in the Sky [COVER SONG] (2022)
This song was written by my good friend Wayne when we were in high school. A fun tune that always put a smile on my face. I asked permission to record a cover of it. Wayne's "intro" and "do do do do" 'solo' are from the original 1972 home recording. Yeah we were just kids... Love ya Wayne.
Alabama (2014)
co-written by Lee
I Believe (2021)
Vocals: Gabrielcafa

Please note:

  1. You & Me - written by me, but this version covered by Stickboy. A very talented young man!
  2. I Love to Count Birds - children's song co-written with Kathleen Dieffenbach
  3. Visit my website about Huntsville, Alabama Original Music